Prerana SGP-GURUKUL15 Daily 6am-10.30pm,15hrs Intensive Program in that 3hrs Physics,3hrs Chemistry,3Hrs Biology Teaching Sessions & We Strongly Recommend 3hrs for Group Discussion (Where Each Student will Picked at Random He/She Should Explain Selected Topic for that day And Should Clarify All Doubts raised by the remaining 14Students-This Session will improve Every Students Perfection Level's in each of the Subjects) And 3Hrs For Self Study Where Students Will Check His/Her weaknesses & Strengthen Those Areas

We Will Make Every Student of the Batch should be into MBBS through NEET Exam, Wether He/She is a Slow/Medium/Quick Learner We Will Plan Teaching Methods & Excute Individual Strategies to make them Ordinary to Extraordinary to Achieve their goal& Aiming 100% Results for this Batch

Prerana-N30 BATCH For DAY & GURUKUL 8.30Am to 4.30Pm 8hrs Program 6hrs Teaching(1hr.30min each subject Physics/Chemistry/ Botany& Zoology) With 2hrs Working Sessions Daily Residential Students will Have snacks Break and Come back for study hours dayscholar Will Leave to their Houses after 4.30pm

Separate Strategies & Unique Methods to Make Every One to reach their Goal& Become Toppers,Super Performers and become Achivers

Both The Programmes Will Run Under the Guidance of KBR Sir

Morning & Evening Batches for 11th&12th Pursuing Students