Who We Are

In todays competitive world, preparedness is the key to success. This puts every anxious parent in a fix with regard to the choice of a good college. To fulfill the needs of the parents and students, a team of lecturers from the reputed colleges established a college under the able leadership of Mr. K. Bharath Reddy, Director a renowned faculty in mathematics for IIT - JEE He also worked as a Mathematics faculty for IIT - JEE & AIEEE since 2002, worked in various reputed institutions of india

He makes his students grow in natural and scientific way by developing Analytical and Logical Skills, also motivating the students to get a command in mathematics. He will monitor the academic programs and progress of the individual students in all subjects.



"Stress is an admission of weakness" . At prism, we give the students a stress free environment and at the same Term we make sure we accelerate. Encourages contact between students and Faculty. Frequent student-faculty contact in and out of classes is the most important factor in student motivation and involvement.


PRISM has laid the foundation for many students at the first year itself and running in success oriented manner by establishing two residential colleges separately for boys & girls on the request of the parent & Students.


Getting a few ranks out of thousands of students from many branches does not show the real merit of a college, but a college should be a place where a student imbibes what a teacher teaches, grows in wisdom and is successful in every endeavor which he/ she accepts in life. PRISM stands as an example of that ideal college in education.


Prism has its unique teaching strategies. The fundamental importance of these strategies is to make it easier to implement a variety of teaching methods and techniques. A building stands on a foundation. It derives its strength from its base. PRISM stands on a very firm base. Its strength is derived from its faculty with more than 15yrs of teaching experience in IIT - JEE (Main/Advanced), NEET | AIIMS | JIPMER & BITSAT other competitive exams.


In today’s competitive world, preparedness is the key to success. It’s even truer of competitive entrance examinations like IIT - JEE (Main / Advanced), BITSAT & NEET | AIIMS | JIPMER. Here you have to battle it out with the best of brains; and the one who wins will be the one who is better equipped. Fully armed and fiercely trained, with proven skills and the perfect temperament of a true champion. That’s what Prism Academy does to young aspirants like you: groom and guide you to your cherished goal. More thoroughly, more systematically, more effectively and with infinitely more dedication.

Prism’s formula for success is based on the belief that there is a winner in every student waiting to be discovered. Prism Academy brings together the most eminent trainers, the most comprehensive study material, and a highly-focused, uniquely intensive training methodology. Prism’s faculty of teachers, researchers and support staff work through the year, analyzing the IIT - JEE (Main / Advanced), BITSAT & NEET | AIIMS | JIPMER and structuring future lessons and tests accordingly. Prism’s tests are therefore extremely rigorous, in tune with the prevailing IIT - JEE (Main / Advanced), BITSAT & NEET | AIIMS | JIPMER.